6 Things to Remember When Choosing Your Wedding Flowers

6 Things to Remember When Choosing Your Wedding Flowers

When choosing floral arrangements, many brides already have a vision of the perfect bouquet, from the type of flower right down to the charm that will be tied onto the ribbon. But before you jump right in and order 100 dozen white roses, here are a few things to remember (and if you are a bride that has no idea where to begin when it comes to flower arrangements, these tips are for you too!!)

Burgundy Rose bouquet

Burgundy Rose bouquet

1. Think about how your bouquets are going to photograph

While you may dream of a huge, full bouquet filled with dozens of the most ornate and beautiful flowers, take a step back and think about your future wedding photos. Do you want a giant bouquet of flowers covering the wedding gown that you spent weeks searching for? Don’t let your flowers overpower you and your photos; use your bouquet to accent your gorgeous wedding day look.

Laura wedding bouquet throw

Laura wedding bouquet throw

2. What is the vibe of your venue?

If you dream of a rustic, outdoor wedding, sparkling with stringed lights and covered in burlap accents, let your flowers reflect this. Ask your florist what their favorite rustic flowers are and they will give you a list of beautiful arrangements that will add to your theme seamlessly. When ordering flowers, imagine what your venue is going to look like as a whole. This means thinking about every detail, from the linens down to the place cards.

3. When choosing flowers less is more!

You want to have it all on your special day and your florist wants you to have it all as well, but trying to incorporate everything you like into a little bouquet can be overwhelming (and expensive!) Make a decision and stick with a theme for a beautiful bouquet that doesn’t feel too crowded.

4. You have dreamed about these flowers…you know you need these flowers…so make sure you plan for it.

Flowers can be expensive, so make sure to plan your budget! Choosing floral arrangements should not be left to the last minute. Budget not only for the cost but the time it takes to order the flowers as well. The early bird always gets the worm (in this case the worm being the most gorgeous, exotic, flower that every bride-to-be will be drooling over).Pink artificial wedding flower bouquet

5. Be flexible.

Try to control your inner bridezilla when your florist tells you that the flowers you have been swooning over are not in season and will cost five times more than you planned for. Work with your florist on creating a bouquet that resembles the one you dreamt about and be okay going with a different flower or adding more foliage to reduce the cost.

6. Last but certainly not least…this is YOUR day!

In the end, how you feel about your floral arrangements is what matters most. Not what your mom says, not what your maid of honor says, and not even what your florist says (although our opinions are valuable!) If you are not in love with the arrangement when you are planning for your wedding day, you will not be in love with it on your wedding day, so choose something you absolutely love. Do not be shy with your florist if they are heading in a direction that you aren’t crazy about. Be specific about what you want!

What is a wedding without flowers? Take some time to think about your arrangements as flowers are one of the most important details of a wedding. Use these tips as a checklist when making your final floral decisions so you can walk down the aisle with the perfect bouquet!