30th June 2017

Wedding Flower Checklist

In this artificial wedding flower list we will detail the people and options that you might choose wedding flowers for, most brides wont pick all options on the list, you just need to decide which ones are right for your wedding day and your budget.

Bridal Flower Options:
Teardrop Bouquet
Round Bouquet
Wrist Flower Corsage
Flower Pomander
The bridal bouquet is of course the most important flower item and for some couples it’s the only item if the budget is very tight.

Groom Flower Options:
Single Flower Buttonhole
Double Flower Buttonhole
Alternatives to flower Buttonholes

The grooms wedding buttonhole can be made using one or two flowers chosen from the bridal bouquet and contain other embellishments. Buttonholes could also be made using alternative items to flowers such as Lego figure buttonholes, golf tea buttonholes, thistle buttonholes, the options are endless.

Bridesmaid Flower Options:
Round flower posies
Flower Pomanders
Flower Wrist Corsage

Bridesmaids will usually have a smaller version of the bride’s bouquet, although if the bride opts for a teardrop bouquet generally the bridesmaids will have round posies to match.

Flower Girls Flower Options:
Handtied Flower Posies
Flower Wands
Flower Pomanders
Flower Wrist Corsage

As flower girls tend to be younger children their bouquets will be smaller versions of the brides but due to size won`t always have all the flowers used in the bridal bouquet just a small selection but in the same style.

Best Man Flower Options:
Single Flower Buttonhole
Double Flower Buttonhole

The groom’s bestman normally has the same style of buttonhole as the groom, although the grooms can be made to stand out a little by adding embellishments to match the bridal bouquet.

Ushers Flower Option:
Although Ushers normally simliar buttonhole to the Grooms buttonhole they can be adorned with some additional embellishments that make them stand out from the rest of the wedding guests.

Matron of Honour/Maid of Honour Flower Options:
Hand tied Flower Bouquet
Wrist Flower Corsage

The brides maid of honour could have a round hand-tied posy to match the bride or a popular choice would be a matching wrist corsage which frees up the hands to hold the brides flowers or hold the dress or make any last minute touches to the hair or veil as and when needed without having to put her own bouquet down all the time.

Ring Bearer/Page Boy Flower Option:
Small Flower Buttonhole

As the Pageboy or ring bearer as they are also known are generally young boys they will have a small buttonhole.

Throwing (toss) bouquet Flower Option:
A smaller round hand tied posy similar or matching bouquet which is thrown over the head by the bride to the awaiting group of unmarried female wedding party guests with the tradition being whichever one catches the posy will be next to get married. With this bouquet it is best if the bouquet is not too heavy therefore should not contain heavy brooches or embellishments.

Mother of the Bride/Mother of the Groom
Flower Options:
Double Flower Pin Corsage
Triple Flower Pin Corsage
Wrist Flower Corsage

Down to personal preference this one, but having a very light fabric dress could stop the use of the heavier 3 head corsage or a pin on corsage altogether.