Planning A Wedding During A Pandemic? Here Are A Few Handy Tips

You carefully plan your dream wedding with your fiancé and set the date on a beautiful summers day, a glorious wedding, at the perfect venue, with your friends and family. Suddenly, the world has turned upside down because of the Covid-19 pandemic, and gatherings are put on hold due to the need for social distancing.

You may feel an overwhelming sadness as you postpone or cancel your venue reservations, catering, and florist, but you don’t need to continue feeling like all is lost.

Believe me when I tell you that you can still have that beautiful wedding you’ve been dreaming of. It just might not be in the way that you planned.

Traditional weddings may not be feasible over the next year, but that doesn’t mean ceremonies and celebrations should be out of the picture. Here are a few tips and tricks for you to still be able to plan the wedding of your dreams amidst a pandemic.

Tip # 1: Try seeing things from a different angle

You’re not cancelling your wedding, you are simply postponing it to a later date where you can hold the celebration of your dreams safely and with the people you love.

The tough adjustments you have to make are not setbacks, but merely moments of serendipity waiting to happen!

Instead of moping around and fantasising about the what-ifs – “if Covid-19 didn’t exist, we could have done X, Y, and Z!” – focus on what can be. Plan your wedding using a more realistic approach to your current situation.

White and pink peony bouquet with unwrapped stem

White and pink peony bouquet with unwrapped stem

Tip # 2: Review your previous wedding plans and see what you can proactively tweak now.

Even after the lockdowns are eased, the truth of the matter is you simply might not be able to make your dream wedding come true.

You might need to rethink your guest list and make new plans with your suppliers and vendors. The beauty of wedding flowers by Bridal By Anna is that you can hold on to them and they will look just as perfect on your new wedding day as they did when they arrived with you.

Creating a new calendar of activities and having a plan B or even plan C will help you immensely in creating a definite continuity plan. If your original wedding photographer isn’t available on the date you want, you can try a different arrangement for them to render their service amidst the pandemic. You can choose to have a gorgeous post-engagement shoot with your significant other even as you two are stuck at home and have them edit the images to make them more professional-looking for a MILK Books photo album instead.

Photo album

Tip # 3: Make sure that you’re both involved with the planning.

Make sure to divide the wedding planning work properly between you and your partner especially if you don’t have a wedding coordinator who will do it for you.

It is not only a great way to bond and strengthen your love for each other in these trying times but it will also reaffirms and realigns your vision of your future together. Finding out that they don’t like the colour scheme you prefer and reaching a compromise is a great exercise for future marital troubles.

This pandemic means you are either stuck with or apart from your beau, both of which can test your ability to communicate. It is now, more than ever that you need to work harder on your relationship.

Remember that you don’t need a fancy ceremony to celebrate your love. You can do that every day by being mindful and enthusiastic about the small things you can do to remind them just how special they are to you.