How to Choose the Perfect Wedding Suit

How to Choose the Perfect Wedding Suit

The bride may be taking the center stage on the big day, but the groom’s attire is equally important and should be chosen with a great care. Therefore, take your time when you start thinking whether you should wear a three-piece or a tuxedo on your wedding day, because you want to look dashing next to your gorgeous wife-to-be. Check out some of the tips that’ll help you make the right choice.

Think of the style

Before you try on your first wedding suit, think if you have a certain type of wedding suit you’d like to wear. Would you be comfortable in a linen or cotton suit, a wool jacket and trousers combo or maybe in a simple yet elegant slim-fit two-piece suit? A slim cut three-piece can very well be your cup of tea if you’re looking for a touch of formality while still wanting to look modern and fresh. If you prefer a relaxed and informal look, you should consider waistcoat and a bow tie. Buy a jacket to fall back on, in case the ensemble needs a bit of dressing up.

laina bouquet photo
laina bouquet photo

Reflect the formality and location

Are you going to marry at a registry office? Or maybe at a barn looking over the most beautiful views? If so, the groom shouldn’t look for too formal an attire. Lighter colours and materials are the safest choice for a beach wedding. If, on the other hand, you decide to tie the knot during a lavish 300-guest ceremony, and have a reception at a stunning banquet hall in one of Sydney’s elegant restaurants, the groom should stay away from the casual look and go for perfectly tailored formal men’s suits Sydneyoffers, to match the formality of the event. Either way, the groom’s attire needs to reflect the tone of the wedding.

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Consider your build

If a suit looks good on a rack, it doesn’t mean it’ll look good on you as well. That’s why you need to look for the suits that will look good on your body and make them work to your advantage. If, for example, you’re shorter in stature, two- or three-button jackets with a low-button stance will visually make you taller. A double-breasted suit can add the illusion of bulk, which is a great option for thinner men. If you want to look leaner, a fitted suit with some nip in the waist is your best pick. Keep in mind that darker colours will also make you visually slimmer, while lighter colours will do the opposite. If you can’t find the perfect fit, visiting a tailor is always the best solution as you’ll be properly measured, and the suit will be made precisely for your body.

Think of the bride’s dress

You may think that nothing can clash with your beloved’s wedding gown, but you should think again. The shade of white she picks out for her dress and the shade of suit you choose should look amazing together, so consult your bride-to-be when you go shopping, and let her make the final call, as she’ll already know the colour of her wedding gown. Also, make sure your wedding attire styles match as well. Don’t pick out a light summer suit if the bride is going with a fancy, jewelled gown.

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Choosing your wedding attire can be tedious, but if you keep the aforementioned tips in mind, it’ll seem painless. Therefore, make sure you know what style you want and make sure it matches your bride’s. Choose your wedding suit based on the formality and if you’re not satisfied with the way suits at the store fit you, feel free to visit a tailor, so you can have a tailored suit that’ll fit you perfectly.