Priorities of Wedding Planning

Wedding Planning Priorities

So, you got engaged and now you are starting to feel the all the excitement of the thought of all the details involved in planning a wedding. Relax, take a breath, prepare a wedding planning checklist and you are good to go. This article will help you determine the priorities when it comes to planning a wedding.

The dress!

Of course, the biggest priority to sort out is your wedding dress. There are endless possibilities but you should try to fit into your budget. With soooo many styles to choose from, the decision won’t be easy. The best rule to follow is, find something you feel comfortable in and which will reflect your personality. If you are a free spirit who loves boho and hippie details, go for a simple white lacy dress you can spice up with a unique and memorable necklace, and if you do not like the casual white, why not embrace a vibrantly coloured dress which will serve as a statement of your unique style. On the other hand, if you love following trends, go for pale violet dress which is one of the latest picks for brides.

Wedding Dress


Depending on your favourite music style, you can either opt for a live band or a DJ. You definitely need to go over the playlist and make sure that everything is to your liking, so as to avoid unpleasant moments. What is more, you can bring more fun to your wedding by choosing a themed party reflecting a certain music era. The possibilities are endless. Just try to book your music at least a few months before as they tend to be fully booked.

Wedding Music Violin


Think about the food you would like to have served at your wedding. Most wedding venues have their own catering so you will have nothing to worry about. Still, if you are DIY-ing it, you will have to carefully pick the style of food that goes well with your venue and the overall theme. Let it you’re your guests about you and what you are like. Also, don’t forget about your vegetarian or vegan guests, because you don’t want them feeling left out.

Wedding meal table

Photo and video

You will want to capture your big day both on camera and on video, so that you can revisit those happy moments in years to come. Don’t forget to hire a great photographer, these days you even have an option to get drone wedding videography. So choose wedding videography experts who will not only preserve your memories but also make them special and unique. As an extra little retro touch, you could buy instax instant camera, and have your photos right there on the spot. It will be a great treat for the guests.

Wedding Photo camera

The flowers

Choosing the wedding flowers can at times be tricky, you need them to be the right colour to match both the venue and your dress. If having fresh flowers see which ones are in bloom at the time of your wedding otherwise opt for artificial wedding flowers which you can keep forever.

Aisle Beach Wedding Flowers


Your guests may not really have the same taste in drinks as you do, so providing a range of drinks, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic ones is a must if you want your guests to feel comfortable and looked after.

Champagne Wedding Glasses

Wedding planning can be a big job, but if you stick to a good priority checklist you will be able to handle everything with ease and enjoy the journey. In the end, the biggest priority is that you share your beautiful day with your loved ones.

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