Bridesmaid fashion choices and trends

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Finding the perfect wedding dress can be quite demanding, but once you have done your major task for the big day, the next thing to move on is choosing the outfits for your bridesmaids. You will be pleased to know that there are so many options to choose from. With this guide to bridesmaids fashion choices, this will help you find the perfect dress.

There is one thing you can ditch – the idea that your bridesmaids have to wear the same dresses. Go for the dresses which are not typically for bridesmaids and consider finding some which your girls will love wearing not only during the wedding party but afterwards as well. This season we are all in for modern design and a wide range of colours.

Colourful or colourless

Start with the colour of the dress. If you have always dreamed of having a seaside wedding, go for the navy look. Your bridesmaids can wear long navy strapless dresses. To change things up you may choose the same model of the dress but in different hues… Let them show their personality even though you want to pull out your sea-themed wedding party.

Bridesmaid dress bouquets

If you are into trends, you will be pleased to hear that dusty pink is the latest trend. It will show the romantic side of your girls and elegance, too. In case you have bridesmaids who are all in for the boho look you can go for this or even khaki dresses and tell them all to choose a different statement necklace to differentiate their looks. Let them be creative.

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Choose strapless dresses

Ditch the old dresses which cover too much and embrace the summer of 2016’s biggest trend. This type of dress is bold and reveals just as much as it is needed for your bridesmaids to feel attractive and beautiful. Off the shoulder bridesmaid dresses will provide enough support. What is more, these kind of dresses are figure boosting and your bridesmaids can wear them during numerous occasions after the wedding as this is a timeless piece of clothing.

off shoulder bridesmaid dresses

New lengths are here

This year we are seeing more untypical dress lengths. Go for asymmetrical ones which are ankle length as your team will not have to worry about leaning and revealing too much or they should not despair if the breeze makes fun of their too short fluffy dress. They will instantly look attractive and sophisticated, so a midi dress is also a great way to go!


Let them choose the details

Your only task is to find the dress or dresses. Do something out of the ordinary. For example, you could find the same dress for all the bridesmaids but tell them to wear completely different shoes. Another thing to do is tell them they should wear flowery headbands, but that they have to make them themselves. Everyone will go creative and be satisfied eventually. If you feel that they might not like it, just opt for the jewellery everyone is into. Find some chandelier stylish earrings all could wear. And if you are a total chill of a bride let them choose any colour and any length as long as there is a general theme.

bridesmaids boho style

Bridesmaid fashion used to be dull, but not anymore. Long forgotten are the times when bridesmaids had to wear the same outfit. This time you should make them unique and dress them in modern and joyful dresses which will reflect their personality so they could wear the dresses over and over again.

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