Sweetest Wedding Favours For Your Guests

Sweetest Wedding Favours For Your Guests

Sweet wedding favours

From the early 16th century England, wedding favours have been a custom in the Western world. These little gifts showed affection for your wedding guests, and they were just something small to thank them for coming and supporting your union of love. One of the earliest favours were the French-named boutonnieres, little porcelain boxes containing sugar cubes or almonds. While this sounds simple, sugar and almonds didn’t use to be something so readily available. It was for the rich, so a gift like this was highly treasured. While sweets are not a necessary part of your wedding gifts, they are universally loved, so if you want to pick something mouth-watering that your guests will love, read on for a few ideas.

Personalised cookies

From the standard chocolate chip to raspberry and white chocolate, cookies are an easy way to put a smile on anyone’s face. Contact a bakery to help you bake a fresh batch of your favourite kind of cookies, or maybe ask your friends and parents for help if you prefer to do things on your own. But to make this gift even sweeter, give a personal touch by using frosting to write the name of you and your partner, or you can even utilise food colouring to paint something.

Wedding favours cookies

Homemade jam

While it doesn’t really need to be homemade, jam is easy to make in large batches and it’s the perfect gift that’s easy to decorate. You can paint on the jam jars, you can write, you can tie colourful ribbons, or even stick little thank you cards with the name of the guest you’re giving them to. There are many different recipes so it’s very difficult to go wrong, and you’ll be giving everyone you invite something to remember you by. Imagine their pleasure the next morning when they spread it over their toast and enjoy it with tea.

Wedding chocolate

Chocolate bars

Chocolate is an absolutely fool-proof way to make even the biggest curmudgeon happy. There’s something about the delicious way chocolate melts on our tongue, the creamy texture that engages all our senses. Even the crazy people who don’t enjoy this wonderful sweet will be able to hand it over to their kids or loved ones. Chocolate has always been one of the symbols of love and desire, so not only can you give little customised bars to your guests, it’s also not a bad idea to give your significant other specialised wedding anniversary chocolates. Turning chocolate into anniversary tradition to remind you of your wedding day is the most romantic way to enjoy your love.

Wedding chocolate favours

Cute lollipops

Whether you pick a single big lollipop, or a whole bouquet of them, this is a really cute, simple way to make a gift. Colourful, swirly lollipops can be mixed with cake pops to make something unique, and if you tie it all together with string and decorate it with a love quote or a poem, your guests will both have something sweet to devour, and something memorable to bring home.

wedding cake lollipops

Boxed cupcakes

A soft cupcake with tasty frosting can’t easily be topped. If you’re a fan of baking you’re going to love showing off your cooking skills by making unmatched delicious little treats, but as with anything, you can simply hire a professional to help you do it. You can decorate both the cupcakes and the boxes they come in, so you have plenty of options to customise everything and match it to your wedding decorations.

Wedding cupcakes

Whether you want to pair these with other little gifts or give them out on their own, you’ve got winning wedding favours that everyone is bound to love. It’s easy to give a personal touch to any of these, so give your guests a blessing by sharing your love and happiness.

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