When Wedding Flowers and Forever Come Together

When Wedding Flowers and ‘Forever’ Come Together

Sounds like the beginning of a romantic love story….but that aside your bridal bouquet should be a keepsake from your wedding the same way your photos, guestbook, jewellery, or other items will remind you of your wedding day and be kept for years to come. There is the option of having your wedding flowers dried or pressed. To guarantee your wedding flowers will be kept in their original colourful beauty it is best to opt for silk or foam artificial wedding flowers.

Artificial Foam Flowers Pastel Pink

Your wedding flowers are beautiful focal points that draw in together your wedding colours and themes. It is often a pricey memento of your big day and a must-have for most brides, unfortunately, they don’t always last very long. Within hours this beautiful symbol from your wedding day can start to wilt, shrivel up and turn brown.

Bride with Bouquet

Fortunately there is an alternative to keep your flowers pristine and in their original condition long after your wedding day and also save money along the way and that is opting for artificial wedding flowers.

They can be incorporated into every floral aspect of your wedding from bridal, bridesmaids and flower girl posies to flower girl wands, buttonholes, corsages, hairbands and cake toppers…the possibilities are endless. No-one will realise that they weren’t freshly picked that morning as they look remarkably like real flowers, many a bride have mistaken my flowers for the real thing….

Artificial Country Bridal Bouquet

The wedding flowers and bouquet can be passed on through the generations as a way to incorporate your parents’ wedding memories without having to wear your mum’s super frilly, puffy sleeved wedding dress!

If you want to save money and have a beautiful keepsake from your special day then you can’t go wrong with bespoke artificial wedding flowers.

Bride and Bridesmaids Bouquet

If you order your flowers with Bridal by Anna you will be sent regular photo updates showing your flowers taking shape, to ensure you are completely happy before your big day…rather than being surprised by your florist on the morning of your wedding…when there is no turning back!

Pink Ribbon Wedding Flowers

Why not make your bouquet extra special with sparkly accessories, trinkets and charms to make it your very own unique creation to keep forever.