Your Dream Wedding on a Budget – Five Tips

How to have your dream wedding on a budget

You have it all figured out in your head: a designer gown, an expensive, stylish venue, lush flower arrangements, a sophisticated menu, and top band. Everything is just right and perfect. The day you have dreamed about ever since you were little is finally drawing closer, and you want it to be a day that will be remembered and talked about forever. But, there is a tiny problem. Perfect weddings can cost a fortune! You can’t afford it! Or can you? Here are some tips and tricks you can use to have your dream wedding on a budget and have your cake and eat it!

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Consider Your Guest List


If you have been planning a huge wedding just because that’s the norm, reconsider. Do you really want to spend a fortune on a huge reception? Are you close with all the people you have been planning on inviting? If possible, cut down the list to arrive at the core group of people you truly care about and want there. This way, you will have extra money and will be able to splurge and create an unforgettable day for you, your partner, and your nearest and dearest.

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Pick Your Colors


To instantly up the elegance quotient of your wedding, choose a simple color scheme. If in doubt, go for white. It’s classic, forgiving, and you can find more or less find anything in white, without breaking the bank. For an added punch, add gold, silver or sparkly accents. White and metallic give an instant touch of glamour. And the best thing is, they are easy to achieve with a few cans of spray paint, so you can make and paint some of the details yourself.

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Make a Grand Entrance


As receptions go on, people relax and have a few drinks, and the whole thing turns into a party. At that point, the décor is not as important anymore because everyone is too busy having fun to notice. The real moment you need to impress your guests is the entrance. Balloons are a great, cheap way to decorate the entrance area. However, you don’t want them to look childish or tacky, so be careful with the colors. Flowers can be expensive, so you need to figure out how to use them to achieve maximum impression. A good way to do just that is to go with cheaper options in the reception hall, but splurge on one huge centerpiece which will impress the guests upon entrance. For your bridal flowers try artificial wedding flowers which can be easily transported to from the ceremony to the reception.

And of course, it’s pretty important that the bride and groom arrive in style. Consider a wedding car hire service in Sydney to achieve this.

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Don’t Skip the Champagne


Sure, bubbly sounds like an unnecessary expense, but it’s actually a simple and effective way to create an impression of luxury. The bottles on ice will also look great if you use them as a decorative detail before actually popping them open.

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Pay Attention to the Details


Little things can really make the look of your reception, and are a great way to lend the whole affair an air of luxury. Quality, crisp white linens, accent ribbons on chairs, tea lights on tables and along the entrance – these are just some of the ideas that will elevate your event and make it look expensive and exclusive.


With your big day looming ahead, try to put pen to paper and work out your budget. Browse magazines and the internet for great DIY or cheap, yet effective ideas. With just a little planning, you can have a gorgeous wedding, without breaking the bank.

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