Exclusive Wedding Destinations to Feel Like a Celebrity

Having an exclusive wedding is what most women dream of, but, now it is possible to take it the next level by finding a venue where some of your favourite celebrities have said: “I do”. The only problem will be deciding where to go, as there are many stunning locations to choose from.


A Timeless Favourite

weddings-sea-view-mallorca Reserving your venue to be held at the beautiful island of Mallorca in Spain will be an enchanting wedding. You will get a chance to be pampered senseless and have your guests enjoy themselves as well. The island is charming due to the centuries old architecture which contributes to the romance of the wedding. Not to mention that the amazing beaches will be a walk away, and once you say yes, you can take a truly memorable dip off the coast of one the many gorgeous beaches.

The Country of Love

wedding in provence france

France has always been held as the country of love, where couples like tie the knot due to its culture and magnificent sites. However, Provence stands out not only for its interesting architecture and marvelous chateaus, but because the environment breathes with romance. If you decide to get married in France, take your time to pick the best destination in order to have a dream wedding.

The Country of Romance

get married in venice

There are not many locations in the world which can best describe romance, and even less which can help your wedding be more amazing. Venice in Italy is a perfect place for a hopeless romantic, as you will have a beautiful city to provide the backdrop atmosphere. Moreover, taking a gondola ride can present what this magnificent city was like at its prime. Furthermore, this destination is great all year round.

Hold a Hot-Blooded Weddingwedding venue mexico

Not many yet understand the charm Mexico has to offer when it comes to weddings. After all, Latino culture is the perfect example on how to marry with style and passion. Cabo San Lucas is the perfect choice for the soon-to-be-married couple who want to enjoy the gentle breeze from the ocean with a passionate celebration. Many celebrities have opted for this choice as it offers great views in the distance and could kindle the newlyweds love even more. Most guests will be more than happy to travel to a location with a chance to enjoy such a beautiful country.

A Taste of the Land Down Under


Australia has many wonderful beaches and venues which can be a great location for your wedding. However, not one can come close to a classy, yet dreamy wedding that the North Shore Golf Club can offer. Luckily, some celebrities have recognised just how amazing the venue is, and exchanged their vows forever. You can join the club and become part of the list of famous people who got to say yes. Remember to reserve in time, especially if you have a lot of guests flying in, to make sure you have enough space.

Celebrities have had great weddings, however you can make it even better by having all of your loved ones to share the happy day. Consider where you would like to go, and ensure that you pick a time when the weather is the best. Nonetheless, this wedding should be about you, which is why you should pick a destination you like the most.

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