Opal Custom Wedding Engagement Rings

Opal Custom Wedding Engagement Rings: The Uniquely Exquisite Statement Gemstone

Custom engagement rings featuring gemstones have become increasingly popular, especially with the new generation of couples waiting to exchange their heartfelt vows, although this doesn’t necessarily imply diamonds are no longer the staple.

Soon-to-be newlyweds simply now have other options aside from the sparkling brilliance of a diamond, and one of those gorgeous choices is Australia’s “Queen of Gems”—opal.The Stone of the Bird of Paradise

Here’s why the mystical allure of the effervescent opal captured the hearts and taste of a growing number of brides.

“The Stone of the Bird of Paradise”

Opals have been around since ancient times. In fact, the Mayans and the Aztecs considered fire opals as “the stone of the bird of paradise,” while they were deeply loved by Persia and highly valued by early Romans over any other gemstone.

However, opal is no stranger to being shunned during the ancient days. From being accused as the source of evil magic to resembling the evil eye to being blamed for the Black Plague, this exquisite stone is filled with a long, yet interesting history.

Because of these “beliefs,” the opal gemstone fell out of favour. Fortunately, the “rediscovery” of opal led to the stone’s rise to fame beginning in the mid-1800s, flourishing during the 20th-century Art Deco.Queen of Gems of the Land Down Under

“Queen of Gems” of the Land Down Under

Opal, used in modern-day custom engagement rings, is primarily sourced in Australia, with smaller quantities coming from Brazil, Mexico and a small portion of the Rocky Mountains, Mali and Ethiopia.

The first “modern” discovery of this exquisite gemstone was in 1849 at a cattle station, dubbed as Tarraville. Soon after, mining commenced in what is widely known today as the Australian opal fields.

Different Types of Opal

Highly prized for their colourful display of varying hues, opals have been likened to fireworks, volcanoes and even galaxies. And like diamonds, no two opal gemstones are created the same, each stone possessing distinct, unpredictable patterns.Opals in engagement ring

Opals are divided into 5 main categories:

  • Black
  • Light/white
  • Fire
  • Water/crystal
  • Boulder

Black. Although often a misnomer, the black opal is the most valuable of the 5, with deep dark shade being extremely rare. These darker colours are usually in the shades of dark blue, green or grey or greyish black, with extreme plays of colour evident in these shades.

Fire. The fire opals, which are translucent or transparent with yellow, red, brown or orange, are—despite their rich historical background—not as pricey compared with their darker shade cousins. On the bright side, fire opals could be the most stunning thanks to their fiery, radiant red and orange colours.

White. Like their darker shade counterparts, white opals (also dubbed as milky or light) are also found in different shades of pale grey or white colours and are the most common, thus the least valued of all the 5 types.

Crystal. Although not a “colour,” crystal is describes the stone’s transparency and the stone’s excellent kaleidoscope of colours.

Opals in Engagement Rings

Most commonly representing the birthstone for October, opal gemstones symbolise purity, truth, and love as well as mysticism and change, making them highly ideal as engagement ring stones.

Elegant and unique. Opal’s growing popularity stems from the creativity it allows couples, without having to stray too far from their comfort zones.Different Types of Opal

Yes, diamonds are a girl’s best friend.

But sometimes, a little bit of excitement in our lives doesn’t hurt. That’s where opals come in, adding a dash of spontaneity and elegance.

Captivating kaleidoscope of colours. Opals are known for their unique play of colour, with top choices being black and, surprisingly, white, with fire at the heels. Gaze at the unique display of almost all colours of the spectrum in an opal gemstone.

Depending on how you move the stone, you can oftentimes see multiple colours being splayed across one single stone at the same time.

Because this stone is composed of silica and water and because of its natural structure, the colours appear to be changing and moving depending on the angle you view it. Each opal stone is magical, precious and one of a kind—just like your soon special someone.

Summing up

If you want to be one of the brides who’d prefer to sport unique beautiful custom engagement rings, then opal’s captivating and enchanting features will help you stand out. Imagine showing off a gemstone that sparkles and shines, displaying all colours of the rainbow.


For more than ten years, Daniel Greenberg has been hand crafting DG Bespoke Jewellery and is known as a trained master diamond mounter and goldsmith. As he was taught by one of the best jewellers in London (his father), Daniel makes certain that all his unique pieces are pure perfection.

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