Wedding Wanderlist: Get hitched in these top wedding destinations

Wedding Wanderlist: Get hitched in these top wedding destinations

After getting engaged, the next step you and your partner should work on is deciding the location of your wedding. You can opt for some hometown affair or go for the destination wedding of your dreams. Aside from wedding flowers, wardrobe, cake, wedding planner, and favors, the main star of this kind of celebration is the venue. When you decide early on where to wed, you can then give your guests preview on what will unfold on your big day.

There are lots of possibilities for destination weddings – you can choose from several places like the mountains, a romantic city, a tropical paradise, or a country like Greece with majestic cliff view overlooking the Aegean Sea. We have listed up top wedding destinations to help you decide.

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Greece has perfectly mixed natural beauty, rich history, and vibrant culture, making it a prime pick when it comes to destination weddings. The country features majestic views and pristine islands, acting as the perfect backdrop for your big day. Another standout is Greece’s almost perfect weather. For the months of May to September, sunshine abounds as it’s summertime during said months. The country also has a variety of accommodations, venues, and wedding suppliers that will fit any type of wedding.getting married in Santorini make happy memories

If you want to wow your guests with jaw-dropping views, then Santorini is the location for you. Athens, on the other hand, is famous for its luxe resorts and palm-fringed beaches. You can also check out amazing off-the-beaten secret spots within the country if you want it quiet and low-key.

If you’re wondering when to wed in Greece, you’re in for a treat. The country’s beauty can be experienced all-year-round, with all the seasons — summer, spring, autumn, and winter – offering unique features that will fit your theme. If you’re eyeing an outdoor wedding, you should consider tying the knot between April to October for a warm and rain-free magical celebration.

You can avail an exclusive use of an indoor venue or beach location with sunset view in Greece at rates starting at £2,000, excluding the food. If you’re not too confident, there are topnotch wedding organizers in Greece that can help you make your dream wedding a reality, helping you find the perfect chapel while securing the best deals.



For something romantic, stylish, and sophisticated, jet off to Italy! Vineyards, chateaus, and beautiful gardens will make you and your guests feel like royalty. Wardrobe’s not a problem as Italy’s home to some of fashion’s biggest brands – from gowns, to shoes, and bags!aristocratic wedding

Top wedding locations in Italy include Lake Como for a celebrity-themed lakeside wedding, Florence and Tuscany for something countryside chic, and Venice for a traditional Italian celebration including a romantic gondola ride.

The best time to get hitched in Italy is between late April up until October. During this time, the weather is fine for both indoor and outdoor parties. If you would like a winter wedding, head up north for a beautiful snowy wonderland.

You can choose to have a simple or extravagant celebration in Italy. Rates vary, but an exclusive day use of a venue, for example, can cost as low as £2,000, while a country style setting can cost you £3,500 per day. If you want to splurge and go big on your wedding, renting a villa hotel costs around £9,000 per day. Excluded in these rates are food, flower, favors, and other wedding elements.



The Caribbean has always been synonymous to paradise. With its powdery white sand and clear blue waters, it’s the ultimate beach wedding venue. It is where you and your guests can enjoy and abundance of sea, sun, and sunshine. Dreamy coasts with trimmed and blooming gardens, chic boutique hotels, and warm sunny weather make the Caribbean a sure standout.beach wedding destinationbeach wedding destination

Topping the list of Caribbean locations are Exuma in The Bahamas, the swanky island or Bermuda, and the top-rated Ritz Carlton Hotel on the Cayman Islands.

If you plan to marry in the Caribbean, the best time to do so is between December and April. Steer clear from the islands during hurricane season which starts in May and ends in November.

Although airfare can eat a big chunk of the budget, the Caribbean’s wide array of great bargains on food and lodging make up for it. Hotels offer all in ceremony packages for as low as £2,500.


Las Vegas

Love and rock ‘n roll – that’s Vegas for you! It’s the ultimate destination for celebrations so why not get married here? From quaint white chapels to big and bright hotels, there are a lot of options for weddings in Las Vegas. It’s also near the Grand Canyon where you can squeeze in some pre-wedding activities like photoshoots and family hikes. There are also live performances that will surely entertain your guests.getting married in Las Vegas

Venues and chapels abound Vegas, but the most popular one is definitely The Graceland Storybook Wedding Chapel. There’s also Wedgewood Weddings and Red Rock Country Club which offer various packages for couples.

If you want a celebration outdoors, spring and autumn are the most popular seasons in Vegas, but you can definitely get hitched in this city all year round.

Las Vegas weddings range from affordable to moderately affordable. The best thing to do is to find venues that offer full packages. Some start at around £3,000, excluding the food.


With its lush surroundings and scenic views, Bali is definitely the top choice when it comes to exotic and tropical-inspired nuptials. Called “Island of the Gods,” it boasts of rich culture, majestic cliffside resorts, hidden beaches, green rice paddies, and temples that make dreamy backgrounds for destination weddings. The place can also double as a honeymoon spot!getting married in Asia make happy memories

For resorts perched atop limestone cliffs with stunning views, head to Uluwatu’s Alila or Ayana resorts. For jungle-inspired tropical celebration, Ubud should fit the bill. Surf towns like Seminyak, Canggu, and Jimbaran also have five-star hotels that cater weddings.

Bali has two seasons, dry and wet. If you want a beautiful sunset ceremony, it’s best to get married during April to October, as it is Bali’s dry season.

It’s affordable to tie the knot in Bali! For those looking for cheap yet chic wedding spots, rates are at a maximum of only £4,000. For the guests with low budget, going on tours, food trips, and spa pampering are possible as Bali is littered with these services. Fancy resorts on the other hand start at £6,000.

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