Destination Weddings – Best Honeymoons in Europe

Honeymoons Destinations in Europe

What is the one place that you’ve always wanted to visit with your special someone? There are definitely more places than one, but if you’re choosing a single destination for your honeymoon, you might have a hard time deciding. Depending on your preferences on weather and surroundings, there are many places in Europe that are worthy of your attention.

Seeing that there are so many mesmerizing sights to see all across this historic continent, you should let your instincts, as well as your finances guide you towards a destination that will be a jackpot for both yours and your partner’s enjoyment. In this article, we will mix and match destinations all over Europe and all you have to do is decide what exactly you’re in the mood for when you set off to your honeymoon.

Florence, Italy

best honeymoons throughout europe (5) If you want to feel as if you’ve stepped into a city that is both an artistic and historian masterpiece, then Florence is one of the best places on the planet to experience this feeling. The city is one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites for over thirty years and it’s not hard to understand why. With so much art, beauty and history intertwined in every cobblestone your time there feels as if you’re living in a fairytale. Visiting museums, palazzos and sites that date back to the 16th century when Florence was the capitol of Italy and Italian Renaissance will make your honeymoon unique and leave you wishing for some simpler times when Medicis walked Florence streets.

The Cinque Terre

We will stay in Italy just for a little while more, because there is a hidden jewel there that must be mentioned as one of the most beautiful and secluded places for your honeymoon. The Cinque Terre is a National Park that is also admitted to World Heritage sites two decades ago and here you can see all the unpolished splendor of Mediterranean. Five small villages are placed on the cliffs terraces that cascade down to the sea and its settlers have been taming this terrain for over two thousand years. Not only will the nature here make you stand in the awe, but the views will take your breath away too, like the one at the Belvedere di Santa Maria. Castello Doria will also provide amazing views and don’t forget to visit Convento dei Cappuccini and feel its vibrant energy and admire yet another viewpoint. Just remember, cars are not allowed at The Cinque Terre and you will go around mostly on foot.

Paris, France

Ok, ok, we can’t really have a best-honeymoon-destinations list without mentioning the capitol of France. The truth is that Paris has a lot to offer to newlyweds that can afford to spend a bit more, because let’s face it, Paris is one of most expensive cities on the planet. But all that fades away when you think about world-class cuisine, vivid synergy of nightlife and world renowned artistic sites and all those romantic cafes and walks down the Seine. Paris is a classic destination for all the lovebirds craving romance on every step. If you’re both art and fashion aficionados, then this city will be like a candy store for you – anything from Louvre and The Rue de la Paix to Triangle d’Or is at your disposal as long as you’ve got enough time and resources to get everything you want.

Bruges, Belgium

Maybe you’ve watched Collin Farrell movie that takes place in this beautiful medieval city and you’ve wanted to visit it since then or maybe you just fell in love with its cobblestones, bridges and architecture. Maybe you’ve never believed that this kind of town still exists in ultra-speed digital era of twenty-first century, but Bruges is there to bring back the magic and peace of times long gone. Maybe you and your spouse prefer spending time in a romantic and quiet setting of a small city where you can enjoy the finest Belgian chocolate and beer and then Bruges will be your haven. Just pay attention when it comes to your internet access, because it might be somewhat limited for certain content and websites, but there are ways to get around geo-blocking, so this is not a deal-breaker. When it comes to sightseeing, practically every building is worth a second look, and we wholeheartedly recommend boat rides on the Lake of Love, as well as visiting Church of Our Lady with one of the highest towers in the world and Michelangelo’s sculpture Madonna and Child.

Reykjavik, Iceland

Don’t roll your eyes just yet because Iceland has a lot more to offer than its name states. Yes, it’s quite freezing out there for one half of the year, but for the other half this place comes quite close to paradise. Long twenty-hour days are sunny and just warm enough to fully enjoy hiking through the landscapes that were the home of innumerable movies and for all the best reasons – volcanoes, mountains and valleys in between with open skies all around are enough for any adventurer to fall in love forever. If you and your other half like to venture into nature and be completely blown away by its strength and beauty, there is no better place for you than Iceland. Also, don’t forget geothermal spas that are warm enough to bathe in even when it’s freezing outside and then add to that the view of Aurora Borealis in the skies to you get a completely new level of romance and experience you will never forget.

Maybe you want your honeymoon to be special and have more to it than lying on the beach drinking cocktails out of a coconut and this list is here to help you in your endeavor to find your perfect place. Celebrating the beginning of your marriage with wonderful experiences that leave one-of-a-kind memories is everything we can look for in our honeymoon and one thing is for sure – the destinations we wrote about will have you coming back to them once you’ve visited them once. – By Adam Ferraresi

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