How to Have a Good Night’s Sleep before your wedding

How to Have a Good Night’s Sleep Before Your Wedding Day

Wedding planning can be stressful, and it’s not unusual to lose sleep over your wedding. After all, you’ve probably spent countless hours on floral preparations or stayed up late to finish a few DIY projects.

But it’s important to keep in mind that sleep is non-negotiable, even when you’re planning a wedding. Beauty sleep is not a myth, and you’ll want to look your best on your wedding day.

The Science of Beauty Sleep

Grandma was right: beauty sleep does help your looks. Sleep helps you look more attractive and youthful. Your body produces human growth hormone while you sleep, which helps repair and restore the tissues in your body. Cell regeneration happens while you sleep as well.

Bride opening curtains morning

Bride opening curtains morning

In a recent study, observers perceived a difference in health, attractiveness, and tiredness between people who are sleep deprived and people who are well rested. Overall, people who got a full eight hours of sleep were rated as healthy, more attractive, and less tired than those who were sleep deprived.

Poor sleep quality can have long-term consequences as well. Research indicates chronic poor sleep quality is associated with increased signs of aging. When you don’t get enough sleep, your skin has diminished barrier function and is less effective in recovering from exposure to ultraviolet light. So sleeping well may also help you bounce back from a sunburn on your honeymoon.

How You Can Rest Up For Your Wedding Day

Happy sleeping

Happy sleeping

Don’t leave any wedding day tasks to the last minute.

Plan, delegate, and do whatever you have to do to make sure you’re sleeping well before your big day. Ideally, you’ll sleep well at least the week before your wedding, but if all else fails, at least get a good night’s sleep the night before.

Avoid a late-night celebration before your wedding day

It’s common to hold your rehearsal dinner the night before you get married. And although it’s an exciting time, this event can be draining. Plan your rehearsal dinner early in the day so you can wrap it up well before bedtime.

Deal with wedding stress

Stress from wedding planning can make you feel anxious and keep you up at night. Ask for help, talk out your stress, and focus on practicing stress relief. Deep breathing, meditation, mindfulness, and yoga can help you feel more centred and restful at night.

Practice healthy sleep habits

Maintain a regular sleep schedule and bedtime routine so it will be easy for you to wind down and get to bed around the same time each night. Stay away from food and activities that can interfere with healthy sleep, such as late-night caffeine, vigorous exercise, large meals, or screen time.

Happy couple wedding day bride

Happy couple wedding day bride

Consider your sleep position

The way you sleep can help relieve wrinkles and puffiness, even if it’s only a temporary effect. If you sleep on your stomach, you’re likely squishing your face — and getting no help from gravity. Sleeping on your side or back can relieve puffiness and allow gravity to help smooth wrinkles.


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