Setting Expectations With Your Wedding Photographer

Setting Expectations With Your Wedding Photographer

For a lot of couples, one of the most important aspects of their wedding day is  quality wedding photography for their big day. The quantity and quality of the wedding photos and videos will determine how you will remember your wedding day for the rest of your lives.

bride smiling with bouquet

bride smiling with bouquet

Photographers can capture every major aspect of the wedding, including how you walked down the aisle, said “I do” and exchanged your first kiss as a married couple, performed your first dance, and much more. From their files, you will be choosing pictures that will adorn the walls of your home, photo albums and social media accounts for years to come.


Experienced wedding photographers have a general list of the shots they should take. However, each wedding is different. Even the best professionals won’t know what a couple specifically wants to see, unless they say so during the early meetings.


To avoid becoming disappointed with your photos and videos, you need to be specific and communicate what you want to see with your hired photographer.  Here are a few suggestions from a professional photographer in Dubai.


Confirm if they offer wedding services a la carte

Compare rates for packages and getting specific services separately. Some aspects of the package may not be important for you. Maybe you just want the digital files, print your own pictures and make your own albums. See if you will save more if you forgo the package and choose specific product and services.

Woodland wedding ceremony

Woodland wedding ceremony

Ask what their wedding packages include

Check what the photographer will cover. If you are going for a package, ask what photography services are included. There are packages which specifically state the number of photos, prints, proofs and the size of the albums you will receive. Some packages may include a pre-nuptial or engagement shoot while others don’t. These can alter how much you pay.


When comparing different photographers or agencies, make sure that you are looking at similar packages. This will give you a better idea of which photographer for wedding is giving you more value for your money.


Ask who your photographer will be

Larger agencies will have several photographers. It is possible that the portfolio or samples of images you liked was from one of the agency’s associates or even a freelancer. If you are a fan of a particular set of photos, let the agency know. Ask if you could hire that photographer. If that is not possible, ask for the portfolio of the photographer who will be assigned to your wedding, and a chance to meet him. Use the information as the basis of your decision.

Wedding macarena

Wedding macarena

You can also ask if there will be additional shooters and how much they will cost. Second shooters may cost you more but they will allow the photographers to cover more of the event. They can offer a different perspective of your special day. One photographer might take the most important shots on your shot list while the other may take additional shots of your entourage, relatives, friends and guests.

Specify a wedding shot list

Indicate which photos you would like included or excluded. You are paying for a specific number of service hours or photographs from your wedding photographer. Let your photographer know what you want him to spend more of his time on.


For instance, do you want your photographer to take photos of you and your future spouse before the wedding? Do you want him to limit the number of photos of your uncle who likes to get drunk during events? Plan and inform your photographer of what you want to see so you know what to expect.

Bridal bouquet wedding flowers

These are some of the aspects that you should communicate with your photographer. Do it as part of the selection process, before you finalize your decision to go with one photography expert. The objective is to find the right photographer for your wedding and to ensure that you express your needs clearly. This increases the chances that you will get the photos of the event that you really want.

first dance garden


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