Unique Wedding Ideas For Your Perfect Day

Unique Wedding Ideas

Saying your faithful “I do’s” is truly one of the most important moments that you and your loved one will share. If you and your future wife or husband are not too into traditional weddings, but want to spice things up for everyone on this lovely day, feel free to check out some of the most unique wedding ideas. You never know where that final piece of inspiration may lie.

Unique wedding ideas

Wedding of myth and legend

You have already heard people talking about fairy tale weddings and wedding venues at parks and forests. However, not many people actually go past the natural scenery when it comes to this interesting theme. So, if you’re a great fan of all things mythological, why not make a truly spectacular wedding day that would not only be held in the open nature but actually look like a page from a book of fairytales? You can do so much with fairy lights, woodland wedding décor, wild flowers and a rustic wedding bouquet. Fairy wings, glitter and costumes can all be incorporated into your intimate woodland wedding day.

Mythical Wedding

Fit for royalty

Regardless of where you live, history has probably blessed you with some amazing architectural buildings such as fortresses and castles that stood the test of time. Regal weddings can therefore turn out to be a perfect choice to celebrate the unity of your love. Of course, make sure to get the necessary info and permit to hold a wedding in such an important building beforehand. The great part of organizing a wedding in a castle or fortress is that there is very little needed to turn it into a perfect wedding venue, meaning you can be a bit more relaxed when it comes to wedding preparations.

Royal Wedding

Do something meaningful

You don’t have to go out of your way and create a theme if that’s not your thing. Since this is the day to celebrate love, you can definitely make the most out of this notion. Instead of the usual books and memento cards where guests leave their messages for the two of you, include everyone in sending the messages of love to the world. Some places have special spots where people write their love notes, leave love locks and similar, so if there’s something like that in your town, you can set things up so that everyone can contribute to this important message with messages and quotes that capture their feelings the most.

intimate wedding

Wedding filled with activities

When you take a good look at the wedding, it becomes clear that no matter how interesting the theme and décor may be, the pattern is still the same. The guests arrive, attend the ceremony, eat, drink and dance. So, why not change this part of the pattern in order to have the great impact fit for a truly unique wedding? Introducing various types of games is definitely something unusual for the typical wedding day. Having your guests run around and play like little kids will undoubtedly make this occasion a memorable one. Renting a bouncy castle makes for a really extraordinary wedding activity. Moreover, you can call for a magician or hire a comedian, if you want to fill up your party with laughter. If you stop looking at the wedding as a set of rules but open up to the notion of having a blast of a party, you can get so much more out of this day.

Your wedding is not anyone’s business. It’s only up to you and your partner to decide what to include, organise and create. So don’t look for other people’s approval when your own imagination and love can transform the big day into something truly magical.

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