5 Tips for Stress-Free Wedding Planning

5 Tips for Stress-Free Wedding Planning 

Stress is inevitable part of planning any event, since you try your best to carry out a fabulous celebration. This is especially true when it comes to wedding planning. Brides-to-be can feel like they’re doing all the work, or there is pressure from mothers and bridesmaids, who are just trying to help, but don’t realise that they’re actually making things stressful. However, there are a few tips that will help you go through wedding planning as stress-free as possible.

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Start Ahead of Time

Research is key to every successful planning. Before you get involved be sure you take your time to browse through all the potential venues, photographers, flower arrangements, caterers and other wedding matters. It’s important you start your research early, because popular venues and dates tend to be booked a year up front. Save yourself additional stress and find a fabulous wedding venue early.

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Learn to Say No

Sometimes when you’re caught up with the whole wedding hustle and bustle, it can be difficult to resist the pressure your mom or friends are putting you under. We know that all of them mean well, and would like the wedding to be gorgeous, but you should have the final saying in everything. Therefore, if you really don’t want to wear your mother’s wedding dress, say “No”. Explain that this is your big day, and that you already have the perfect dress you’ll wear.

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Know What You Want

Knowing exactly what kind of wedding dress you want, and what flowers, centrepieces, music, food and décor you want will make the entire planning process much easier. If you don’t know what you want, chances are that half way through planning you’ll realize you’re actually planning your mother’s or sister’s fairy tale wedding, when the one who should be having her dream wedding is you. Therefore, be sure to know exactly what kind of fabulous wedding invitation templates you’re looking for, and what you expect your perfect wedding venue to look like.

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Order Artificial Wedding Flowers

Artificial flowers are a compelling alternative to traditional flower bouquets. They are strong therefore able to hold brooches and other adornments and wont wilt during your wedding day. They can be ordered well in advance which helps reduce the stress on your big day of arranging for fresh flowers to be collected or delivered. Best of all just like your love for your partner they will last forever.

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Spend Time with Your Fiancé

While planning your wedding, you tend to become distant from the one person that you should actually connect with the most – your future husband. Make sure you spend every minute you can together, because he’ll definitely help you find your inner peace. Women overthink everything, so wedding planning is usually the most stressful event for them. Therefore, go for a walk, have a romantic dinner, or go to the movies.

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Hire a Wedding Planner

Finally, the best thing you could do to relieve your stress is to hire a professional. A wedding planner will perfectly handle all the wedding issues, and save you the trouble of doing everything on your own. They are well-connected, which means they already know all the venues, caterers, photographers, and are familiar with every little detail regarding wedding planning. They can help you find what you’re looking for, and organize the amazing wedding you’ve always dreamed about. Therefore, if your budget allows you, be sure to turn to a professional and have a perfect stress-free wedding.

While you can’t completely avoid being under stress while planning your wedding, there are certain steps you can take in order to make the situation more bearable. Start your research in time, know what you want, learn to say ‘No’ from time to time, be close to your fiancé. Finally, if planning the wedding yourself is too much for you, a wedding planner can be the best solution that will provide you with a fairy tale wedding.

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