6 little things to consider for the perfect wedding

6 little things to consider for the perfect wedding

When it comes to planning your wedding, it’s likely your focus is on the bigger, more obvious aspects of the day – from the dress to the cake, you’ll find yourself endlessly planning right up until the morning of. However, with so much of your attention diverted from the little things, consider the importance of details you might skip over.

Here are just six of those little things to think about in order to ensure the perfect wedding.

The invitations

Wedding invitation-scroll

First things first – you need to invite your guests. Consider your invitations and how you want them to look. Despite the rise in technology and social media over recent years, paper invitations are still the go-to for couples planning their big day, so be sure to put some thought into them.

If you’ve already established a potential theme for your wedding, be sure to incorporate it into your invitations. Give your guests a hint of what to expect when the day arrives, so they can plan their outfits accordingly and get prepared for the ceremony ahead. This is the beginning of it all, so make it count.

Transport for your guests

just married golf buggy

just married golf buggy

This is something you may not even think about as it’s rarely utilised in weddings, but why not ensure a form of transport for your guests? Whether it’s a fleet of fancy cars or even a big coach, consider having a way for attendees to get from the ceremony to the reception with ease.

Of course, it all comes down to just how many guests you have attending. Should it be quite the crowd, a suitable mode of transport may be impossible depending on budget and practicality, but if you can it’s something to thank your guests with for taking the time to attend such a special event.

The cake table

cake with roses

cake with roses

You may have put hours into considering and designing the perfect wedding cake for you – but have you thought about where it’ll go? Consider designing your table to be the perfect match for its edible counterpart, whether it be through small details and flourishes or a grand spectacle.

Flowers are always a great accompaniment for almost any design, especially for a traditional ivory cake. Design an arrangement that’ll sit perfectly alongside it, perhaps with flowers that match your bouquet to really make a statement and create a centrepiece to catch the eyes of your guests.

A guest book

Guest Book

It’s always a great inclusion for a wedding reception, so be sure to have a guest book by the entrance for attendees to sign. Whether they want to let you know how much of a great time they’ve had or how much you mean to them as a couple, it’s the perfect way to preserve memories of such a special occasion.

Provide some colourful pens and stationery for guests to really customise their message and make it stand out. Perhaps provide something such as a Polaroid for instant photos to include, too – this book can act as the perfect memory of your wedding if you go all out with it.

Food allergies

meal wedding place setting

meal wedding place setting

You may have the food all figured out for your wedding, but you’ll need to consider potential allergies. Whether it be to nuts, dairy or gluten, be sure you’re aware of any dietary considerations your guests require.

Perhaps include a section on the RSVP of your invitation for guests to indicate whether they do have any dietary requirements. It’s vital you cater to everyone – this is one of those small details that, should you skip over it, could have dire consequences.

Planning for the weather

Last but not least, you need to think about potential weather conditions. If you’re planning on a ceremony and/or reception outside with no cover, you’ll be in a tricky situation if you’re greeted by a downpour on the day. Be sure to have some form of canopy or protection from unpleasant weather to ensure you and your guests are comfortable, warm and away from the wind and rain.

flower in rain

flower in rain

Do you have any more considerations people may forget? Be sure to let us know in the comments below.

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