Best Vegan Wedding Ideas for You

Best Vegan Wedding Ideas for You

The wedding dress, the bridesmaids’ dresses, the groom’s three piece, the whole entourage… They all have to be dressed to the T, and making that vegan friendly is easier than you might think. Real Fur is out of fashion, so if you want some glam and warmth, opt for faux fur instead.just married

Makeup & Hair

If you’re hiring a professional hair and makeup artist, make sure it is clear that all the products they use have to be vegan friendly. If they’re not sure if their products are vegan, you can send them links to lists of vegan friendly companies. If they don’t have any suitable makeup, offer them to use your own makeup. Make sure that the makeup and hair brushes they use are vegan friendly as well!Flower basket


The venue is the most important decision the pair has to make – right after the “I do!” – and finding a venue that reflects who you are and what your goals are can be difficult, but it’s not impossible. All you need to do is make sure that the venue you are booking doesn’t have any animal decorations such as: hunting trophies, fur carpets, leather details on furniture and similar. If you want to take it a step further, you can have your wedding in a botanical garden or an organic farm. Having an outdoor wedding in nature is always a beautiful balloons


Make sure your favors are vegan! Giving something like vegan chocolate can help recruit more people to the vegan movement or giving them a small book with vegan recipes of ways they can incorporate more vegan things in their daily lives can be a quite unique gift.


Having a vegan menu can be a bit of a hassle if not many catering companies in your area have vegan options, but you can try approaching them anyway, and suggesting some of your own recipes! Raw fruit and vegetables can be a part of the finger food catering menu. Your guests – even the meat eaters – will be impressed with all the delicious options. As far as the wedding cake goes – make sure that whoever makes it doesn’t use any dairy products, eggs or gelatin! Having a “naked” wedding cake can add a beautiful rustic look to your wedding, while avoiding fondant, which often contains dinner

You can’t control how your guests show up dressed, nor what kind of presents they bring, but if you mention it in the invitations (that are not sealed with beeswax) that it will be a vegan wedding, they might make an extra effort. So whether or not you are vegan in everyday life, or just want to make your big day that bit extra special, these tips will help you keep your wedding completely vegan friendly  and a beautiful memory for your guests as well as yourself.

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