Your Ultra Chic Wedding day Tips for 2017

The date has come! In a few days you’ll be walking down the aisle, towards the man of your dreams and a magical “I do”. Everyone should be mesmerized once you do so, with their eyes focused on how perfect you look. Achieving full bridal victory is only possible if you look at the upcoming bridal trends and embrace them with an open heart; hey, we bet you’d look absolutely gorgeous wrapped in a paper bag, too, but we somehow feel you are looking to take things up a notch. To do just that, we’re giving you a few amazing tips on how to achieve the perfect bridal look while at the same time staying on top of 2017 bridal trends.
Here we go…
wedding hair braid
Take Care of Your Braid
Although it might seem that you can’t pull off a braid on your wedding day, you can! Have someone help you out with a majestic boxer braid to go with your fiery personality. Be sure to combine it with a contouring makeup getup, and you’ll be the most beautiful girl in the room (but that was already a given). Don’t let anyone steal your bridal spotlight and work with your hairdresser towards achieving the perfect braid.
wedding lashes
Lashes Galore
Big or small, coloured or puffy – it doesn’t matter anymore! What matters is the statement you’re making with your spectacular lashes. New trends in lashes will give you plenty of chances to create a magnificent look and be the prettiest bride there is. However, you should stop yourself from going overboard – too much of anything (especially anything on the lids) can be heavy on your overall look. So, make sure things are dramatic but not tasteless.
wedding hair
Silver Is the New Black
Silver undertones are going to be all the rage with the new bridal trends; to get yourself out of the all-white-everything mood right into the silver-dram, start practicing straight away! Silver makeup or silver pieces in your dress or shimmery ornaments in your hairdo will make all the difference and ensure you wow everyone with such amazing elements of surprise. The best thing about relying on silver-tone for effect? It goes well with almost any wedding theme, so no need to worry about looking out of place on your own wedding. Uh-huh, that’d be weird, wouldn’t it?
wedding veil
Stylish Veils for a Superb Look
Your wedding shouldn’t come short of a gala, and you should watch out for all the fabulous new veil trends that will make you look absolutely dazzling on your happiest day. Butterflies and realistic flowers in veils should turn your plain-looking bridal image into a spectacular one. Hey, remember Angelina Jolie’s veil? You know, when she had her kid’s drawings imprinted in her veil? We thought that was adorable! If you’ve got some ideas of your own or you’d like to personalize your wedding dress and veil in a similar way, we encourage it! Unique will always be trendy!

wedding dress big

The Right Venue for a Grand Event
A very important aspect of any wedding is the venue the reception is held at; you want yours to give away the feel of glamour, love, romance and luxury without having it feel over the top or forced. Over at Navarra Venues you get all that with your only worry being choosing from all the gorgeous locations to make your dream wedding come true. Sounds perfect, right?

Gold as a Bold Statement
Gold has always been an important piece of fashion décor; however, when it comes to wedding styles, you shouldn’t go overboard. Introduce a few golden items into your hairdo or give your makeup a golden boost to emphasize the beauty of that gorgeous face but make sure you stop there. Too much of gold-inspired elements will just mess things up.
Staying on top of all the current and upcoming trends is a great idea, especially if you’re planning on getting married some time soon. However, don’t take all the fashion rules to heart; focus on what feels and looks good on you personally and you’ll be the most beautiful bride there ever was. Oh, and – focus on having an incredible reception too, as that’s where you can show off your outfit, makeup, and your bridal charms in all their glory.

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