5 Tips to Clear Your Head Before your Wedding Day


Planning and organizing a wedding is an enjoyable yet huge undertaking so it’s no wonder that planning your big day can have both its ups and downs. You and your future husband are going to be the centre of attention and as the day unfolds you will be hoping everything runs to plan. Luckily, there are several proven ways to prepare a fresh, calm mindset for the big day.

Wedding day Clear Your Mind

  1. Find a helping hand

Although there are so many activities going on there’s no reason for panic. It seems unlikely that anyone besides the bride could handle the task of keeping everything in order, but brides, it is your big day and you should be enjoying the celebration, not worrying about the venue.

Don’t hesitate to delegate the duties of supervision to someone reliable and close to you. It’s best you keep it in the family but outside of your bridal party as you will need them by your side.

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  1. Keep a timeline schedule

One sure way of keeping a calm mind is knowing what your next step is. The wedding day is packed with tightly scheduled activities so creating an itinerary is actually a great way to stay organized. When making a timeline of activities, always include the time needed for transportation from one task to the next and make sure to leave an extra slot for unexpected events.

Share the itinerary with your closest people so they can keep track of the progress for you. You can even share it with the party vendors, like the photographer, so they can know what moments to look out for and capture the best memories.

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  1. Pamper yourself

Picture this – it’s one day prior to your wedding; everything has been arranged and planned out, from the guest seating to the band, the decorations, cake – really everything. What can you possibly do now? – How about rewarding yourself with a relaxing spa day?

Grab your girlfriends (grooms, you grab your boys) and run away for the entire afternoon to some of the best health and wellness retreats near you. Spending even half a day sweating all the stress in a sauna with your closest friends and getting papered with tension relieving massages is the best way to clear your mind and reset your mood for the best party of your life.

  1. Nurture your body and mind

The wait is over and the big day is here, it is important you remember to eat properly and regularly. Skipping meals may leave you feeling weary and tired before anything has even started. A strong, protein packed breakfast is the way to start your big day and make sure you hydrate yourself by drinking a few sips of water at every possible occasion.

Also, if at any moment there are the inevitable blips and you start to panic, just practice a few yoga breathing exercises and set your mind at ease by hugging someone close to you. Hugs actually have a positive medical effect on people as our brains release hormones like oxytocin and dopamine which make us feel happy.

Yoga bride

  1. Prepare an emergency kit

Even with the absolute best preparations and measures of precaution, we’re sorry to say that something is bound to go wrong. Take an extra step and prepare a backup plan for small slip ups that can throw you out of balance.

Make your own emergency kit for situations like accidental stains, excess sweat, hairdo mishaps and bad breath. Your basic kit could include a stain removal pen, a mini sewing kit, deodorant, hairspray, bobby pins, mints, water, energy bars, tissues and makeup remover.


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