Beach Weddings the Idyllic Wedding Setting

It was the distant 1998 when Cindy Crawford and Rande Gerber tied the knot at the One & Only Ocean Club on Paradise Island in what turned out to be one of the most iconic weddings of the decade and perhaps even the century. This year, when the famous duo celebrates their 18th wedding anniversary, we can say that they had everything a beach wedding is supposed to have – lace wedding dress, barefoot bride and groom, white bouquet and a lot of love. If their wedding happened today it would still be just as stylish. And that is what is best with a beach ceremony – it is an everlasting classic.champagne glasses

If we stick around in the world of our brightest stars, we will see that beach weddings, today, are just as popular as they were almost 20 years ago, if not more. Just look at the fabulous Hawaiian ceremony of Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green or Melissa Rycroft’s and Ty Stickland’s wedding at a small island near Cancun, Mexico. And we could go on forever. Do celebrities have some insight on a big secret we do not? Actually, no.beach wedding

“Romantic” is one of the most common adjectives used when describing beaches, and deservedly so. This is the main reason why beaches became the most sought after wedding destinations, but definitely not the only one. The thing with beaches is that they are a half decorated venue by themselves. There is not much you can do to elevate the appearance of sparkly white sand and azure water. Less is more, when it comes to a beach wedding venue. All it takes is to add a few chairs, some subtle decorations, flowers and a simple pergola covered with flowing tulle. And that is the absolutely best thing about a beach wedding, it is equally available to regular people just as it is to celebs. Sure, maybe the destination of choice for a girl next door will not be Corsica, but she can always decide for waterfront wedding venues in Sydney.beach wedding setting

We cannot only claim that beach weddings are constantly in demand, but also that to
day are more in demand than ever. As a matter of fact, it seems that with the increasing popularity of bohemian fashion, many brides-to-be dream of having the most important day of their lives where they can hear the sound of the waves and walk barefoot on the warm sand. A lightweight romantic dress that can be worn even after the wedding is another plus. With traditional wedding dresses there is no other choice than to store them in the wardrobe until the end of dress beach

Beach wedding translates to guaranteed amazing photos. Beaches are probably the most photographed landscape in the world, and for a good reason too. Nothing beats a good old beach sunset shot, especially when the subjects are people who are in that moment vowing to each other to eternal love.beach bride sparkler

In the end, beach weddings evoke a special kind of emotion, where you simply cannot hold back the tears of joy. Just remember the movie “27 Dresses” (maybe not the best movie there is, but it has one of the most perfect beach weddings on screen). You have that famous walk down the aisle and the look in the groom’s eyes. Such a photo-worthy moment and such a photo-worthy venue.

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