Bachelorette Party Ideas You Won’t Regret Later

So, it’s finally happening: one of the pink musketeers, your member of the stiletto gang, your favourite spa comrade is getting married and it’s up to you to organize the most memorable bachelorette party ever! This is no easy task, it requires a lot of secretive planning, plenty of help from thoughtful people and just one unsuspecting bride to be. You could always go for a wild girls’ night out round town and finish with a very cute stripper (and a headache to match the following morning), but there are more creative ideas and original ways to celebrate this (hopefully) once in a lifetime event.

Bachelorette Party

Bachelorette BBQ

The ultimate girl-next-door gathering. While your girl of the hour is asleep, invade her backyard or balcony and bring in all the requirements: a grill with a mandatory pink ribbon on top, lovely chunks of meat (heart shaped burgers, for example), drinks, balloons and party hats, her favorite music, and don’t forget sunscreen. Once she wakes up, she’ll be greeted by an ongoing party and it can last the entire day. You could organize tournaments in various yard games and the winner gets a prize. Good food, best friends and a leisure packed day. Perfect.

Garden party

The organic party

If your future bridezilla is an avid fan of all things natural and organic, why not indulge her with an all organic party? You could pick a vegetarian/vegan friendly venue or you could throw the party at her place, but the important thing is to have everything handmade: the pastry, organic snacks like the ones made by Loving Earth, the cake should be vegan friendly and made from a local organic bakery, drinks should be freshly squeezed fruit juices and shakes, plates and cutlery should be made from recyclable materials and you could even buy matching dresses for all attendees made entirely from natural materials like cotton and produced by Fair Trade. You could even organize a fun quiz where the questions would be eco-conscious – educational fun is always in.

Make magic

Spa day retreat

Every lady loves being pampered, so go take your bride-to-be on a relaxing beauty day. Start je tour off with the necessary manicures and pedicures (she would have done it either way), where the soothing rubs will ease her mind off of all the stress of organizing a wedding. Next, take her to the sauna, where you can reminisce on how fast the time has flown by while sipping your detox drinks. After a light lunch, go for an hour long full body massage to help her relax completely – volcano rock and chocolate massages are ideal for releasing muscle tension. Finish the day off by getting your hair done and being reborn for the big event.

tan lines

The beachside kidnapping

This is a classic – with the help of her future groom, organize a movie-like kidnapping. No brides should be hurt while performing this stunt, all you really need is a pack of girlfriends, a beach hat, a scarf to cover the eyes and you’re ready to go. Have one squad go to her favorite spot at the beach and have them set up camp: they should bring snacks, cookies and sweets, drinks, music and other beach accessories. The other group should go pick up the unsuspecting bride and blindfold her without saying a word until you reach your destination. Once she opens her eyes she will be shocked and thrilled at the same time. You could organize a beach masseuse to give her the Hawaii-like treatment and have her relax.


Break the cliché of bachelorette parties happening only during the night and them involving a stripper surprise in order for it to be authentic. Instead, organize a full day extravaganza filled with your girlfriend’s favourite activities and people and she will be forever thankful.

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