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How to have an Amazing Garden Wedding 

We all have that vision of the perfect wedding day. Organising a remarkable wedding is everything but easy and the goal is to try and make your dreams become a reality. The sound of birds chirping in the trees, the scent of flowers and the sensation of a soft breeze caressing your cheek…yes, the perfect Read more about How to have an Amazing Garden Wedding […]

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Exclusive Wedding Destinations to Feel Like a Celebrity

Having an exclusive wedding is what most women dream of, but, now it is possible to take it the next level by finding a venue where some of your favourite celebrities have said: “I do”. The only problem will be deciding where to go, as there are many stunning locations to choose from. A Timeless Read more about Exclusive Wedding Destinations to Feel Like a Celebrity[…]

Wedding Planning Priorities

Priorities of Wedding Planning

So, you got engaged and now you are starting to feel the all the excitement of the thought of all the details involved in planning a wedding. Relax, take a breath, prepare a wedding planning checklist and you are good to go. This article will help you determine the priorities when it comes to planning Read more about Priorities of Wedding Planning[…]

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Bridesmaid fashion choices and trends

Finding the perfect wedding dress can be quite demanding, but once you have done your major task for the big day, the next thing to move on is choosing the outfits for your bridesmaids. You will be pleased to know that there are so many options to choose from. With this guide to bridesmaids fashion Read more about Bridesmaid fashion choices and trends[…]