How to make my bridal bouquet stand out?

It’s important that your bouquet stands out from the blooms your bridesmaids carry—it is, after all, your day! The best way to do this is to think of the bridal bouquet as the centre piece and the bridesmaid bouquets as accents or the supporting cast of flowers. “I recommend having the bridesmaids’ bouquets frame and complement the bridal bouquet,”. With that in mind, there are several ways you can go about creating the perfect bride and bridesmaid bouquet combination.

As far as flowers go, the simplest option is to give your bridesmaids a smaller version of your bouquet. Colour is a great way to add variation, so if there are types of flowers you particularly love, you and your bridesmaids could have the same mix of stems but in different colours. Another option is to carry a variety of blooms and have your bridesmaids carry posies made up of just one or two types of stems from your bouquet.

Accessories are another way to differentiate your bouquet. This could include the bouquet wrap (think lace from your mother’s wedding dress) or add a special finishing embellishments like brooches to your bunch.

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