What are the best Flowers for a Winter Wedding

Winter weddings can often share in the joy of the season that is already jolly. When it comes to Red berrieswinter wedding flowers, due to the cold season, people used to find it difficult as they had limited blooms to choose from, however this is not the case with artificial wedding flowers. Here are some fabulous seasonal wedding flowers to choose from on your big day.

Holly Winter Wedding flowers
Classic winter foliage, holly has gorgeous, green waxy leaves, with shiny red berries. The colours will give a lovely contrast to white linen and can be used as decoration for the church as well as the venue.

Ivy wedding flowers

Ivy Winter Wedding Flowers
Lovely green foliage of ivy is one of the first things that comes to mind when thinking of winter weddings. This winter foliage can be included in all of your wedding flower arrangements from the ceremony venue, to the table arrangements, to the chair backs. Artificial ivy is very realistic is great to use in artificial wedding bouquets.

Wedding flowers amaryllis
If you would like a red flower for your winter wedding bouquet, then the amaryllis could be for you. They have a fantastic trumpet shape, which looks stunning in flower arrangements and there are other varieties, such as white and pink, available, if red is not for you. If you want a dramatic flower for your arrangements then amaryllis is definitely worth considering.

Wedding flowers anemonie
Anemones have a range of vibrant colours, which all work well together, so there is no need to choose just one colour. Vivid colours contrast beautifully with white table linen or with a wedding dress, so if you’re looking for flowers that won’t blend into the background the anemone could be ideal for your wedding.

Wedding flower anemonie winter

This lovely winter bouquet included mini orchids, silver brunia, juniper sprigs, pine boughs, anemones, pinecones, spray roses and eucalyptus.

With an artificial wedding bouquet you have the full range of options however you still want your flowers to tie in with the overall theme and joy of the season so the above colour pallets will be great for winter to give you inspiration for your bridal bouquet. If you are unsure just contact me and we can discuss ideas.

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